Streets of Yesterday

90 Minutes, 1989

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Cast: Paul McGann, Alon Abutbul, Alona Kimhi, Jon Finch
Production:Yeud Levanon, Marek Forstater, Yehuda (Judd) Neeman, Wolfgang Tumler
Production Company:Channel 4 (אנגליה)
Photographer: Miklos Jansco
Language: English
| Subtitles not available

A political thriller by Judd Ne’eman (Paratroopers), inspired by author, Joseph Conrad’s Under Western Eyes. Amin, a law student at the Hebrew University is suspected of assassinating the Israeli Foreign Secretary just moments before he was to deliver a statement announcing the commencement of peace negotiations with the Palestinians. Amin finds shelter with Joseph Raz, a classmate who shares his politics. As Amin tries to flee the country, the Israeli Secret Service intercepts and kills him. Joseph then flees to Berlin and hides out at Nidal, Amin’s sister’s place. Nidal is the PLO’s European Operations Coordinator and it isn’t long before she starts taking a political and romantic interest in Joseph.

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