Lebanon Dream

63 Minutes, 2001
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Directed by: Nurit Kedar
Production:Nurit Kedar
Photographer: Eli Uzi, Gadi Afriat, Francios L'escalier
Original Music: Tal Yardeni
Language: Hebrew
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Filmmaker Nurit Kedar’s documentary, which was a runner-up at the Docaviv International Film Festival, follows a truly extraordinary story from the First Lebanon War; one that plays out alongside the war and its atrocities, and feeds off them. This is the story of Samir Farhat, a Lebanese merchant who had made a fortune on the back of the untold chaos that gripped South Lebanon, following the IDF’s incursion into the country in 1982, by importing and selling a range of goods in a myriad of sophisticated ways. “Where there is war the law sleeps, and where the law sleeps there’s money to be made,” Farhat is heard saying in the film. In the year 2000, on the eve of the IDF’s withdrawal from Lebanon, his situation takes a seismic turn from one extreme to the other.

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