Tehilim (Psalms)

95 Minutes, 2007
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Directed by: Raphael Nadjari
Production Company:TransFax Film Productions
Photographer: Laurent Brunet
Original Music: Nathaniel Mechaly
Language: Hebrew
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Raphael Nadjari’s 2007 film takes the audience into a Jewish, religious neighbourhood on the boundary between Jerusalem’s ultra-orthodox and secular boroughs. 16-year-old Menachem Frenkel yearns for independence and dreams of leaving home for a life of carefree and exciting new experiences with his wild friends, and girls his age. However, his father Ellie, isn’t having any of it. Ellie aims to mould his son as a serious, highly-ambitious young man of faith and the two clash regularly. One day, whilst driving home, his father is suddenly taken ill. Menachem rushes to get help but on his return, he finds his father has vanished without a trace. The days go by and Ellie remains a missing person. For Menachem, it appears that his father’s absence is even harder to live with than his presence. The teen who thought he could blaze his own trail all on his own, discovers existing trackways on the path ahead of him – his father’s.
Tehilim (Hebrew for ‘Psalms’) is a young man’s intimate journey in search of identity and roots, the depth of which sometimes defies corporeal notions. Through Menachem’s eyes, a teenager out to make sense of his existence, the film examines the many facets of an intricate society, wedged between tradition and progress.

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