Raphael Nadjari is a French-Israeli director and screenwriter. As a young man, he attended Yeshiva in Strasbourg and at the same time, took up Fine Arts. After finishing school, he started working as a director in French television, then moved to New York City where he directed his debut film, The Shade (1999), based on a novel by Dostoyevsky. Nadjari then directed an additional two films whilst still living in New York, I am Josh Polonski’s Brother (2001), and Apartment #5C (2002). Later, in Israel he made two feature films, Avanim (2004), and Tehilim (2007), as well as the documentary A History of Israeli Cinema (2009) which chronicles the local industry’s journey to date. Nadjari then went on to direct two more feature films, A Strange Course of Events (2013) that was shot in Israel, and Night Song (2016), filmed in Canada.


Tehilim (Psalms)

Directed by Raphael Nadjari, 2007

95 min.

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