27 Minutes, 1983
Student Film
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Directed by: Reuven Hecker, Shalev Vince
Production:Reuven Hecker, Shalev Vince
Production Company:Department of Film and Television, TAU
Photographer: Reuven Hecker, Shalev Vince
Language: Hebrew
Subtitles: English, Hebrew

On a map, ‘Bochito’ is the nickname given to the road that connects Tel Aviv and Beirut, which snakes along the Mediterranean coastline. This was the directors’ graduation project from Tel Aviv University’s Department of Film and Television Studies. Reuven Hecker and Shalev Vines were both called up for reserve duty during the First Lebanon War (1982) and decided to capture the breath-taking Lebanese vistas, contrasted against the horrors of war with their camera. As such, Bochito is a smothered scream; a film of contrasts. Hecker’s Perlov-esque monotonous and restrained voiceover narration (the film is dedicated to David Perlov, Hecker’s mentor) seems to enhance the horrors onscreen, and the abject cruelty of this pointless war. The film earned a Best Documentary Award from the Israeli Film Institute.


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