Jenny & Jenny

60 Minutes, 1997
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Directed by: Michal Aviad
Production:Michal Aviad
Production Company:Michal Aviad Productions
Photographer: Eitan Harris
Original Music: Doron Shenkar
Language: Hebrew
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Director Michal Aviad’s documentary follows two cousins throughout the course of one summer; 17-year-olds Jenny and Jenny, both from the Greater Tel Aviv area [the city of Bat Yam] who also happen to be the best of friends. Jenny and Jenny find themselves at a critical juncture where one can still see one’s own childhood and youth at one end whilst the future, adulthood, and womanhood are already all within sight at the other. Aviad observes them through her camera lens, documenting their daily summer routines in that interim period between their junior and senior year of high school as they try to find their own place in society, whilst grappling with concepts such as beauty, boredom, family, livelihood, school, and romance.
The film was featured at countless local and international festivals, including the Jerusalem Film Festival.

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