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86 Minutes, 2009
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Directed by: Niv Klainer
Cast: Shmuel Vilozny, Michael Moshonov, Rachel Santillan, Guy Salman, Eyal Nahmias
Production:Ellie Meirovitz, Marek Rozenbaum, מיכאל רוזנבאום, Itai Tamir
Production Company:TransFax Film Productions
Photographer: Itay Marom
Languages: Hebrew, English,
| Subtitles not available

Amos’s job is sectioning the mentally ill. At home, he is raising his son, Yurik who suffers from wild mood swings and acute temper tantrums. One day, whilst apprehending a millionaire in the throes of a psychotic episode, he crosses paths with Bena – a beautiful Thai care worker. Bena has nowhere to go and Amos, taking pity on her, suggests that she come stay at his home. Bena starts looking after Yurik and cleaning the house in exchange for room and board, however; around the house, the boundaries of hers and Amos’s unwritten agreement gradually begin to blur, with far-reaching consequences for all three inhabitants.

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