The Troupe

109 Minutes, 1978

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Directed by: Avi Nesher
Production:Itzhak Kol
Production Company:Herzliya Studios
Photographer: Yaackov Kallach
Language: Hebrew
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Director, Avi Nesher’s film debut drew more than half a million people to cinemas on its release and over the years, has become a bona fide cult classic. At the centre of the plot is the story of three young military troupe members (a-la The Nahal Band, aka Nachal Troupe) during the War of Attrition. Against the backdrop of an upcoming major television special, jealousies, rivalries, and tensions between old and new band members flare up: from feuds, clashes, and budding romances to a full scale band rebellion against the director and their commanding officers. Uri Zohar has a cameo in the film, appearing as himself, whilst director, Avraham Heffner guest stars as a TV producer. The film is teeming with some of the Nahal Band’s greatest hits, written by Yair Rosenblum including Song for Peace (‘shir lashalom’), In a Red Dress (‘besimla aduma’), What Birds (‘elu ziporim’), and My Treasured Son (‘haben yakir li.’)

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