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Lost Islands

105 Minutes, 2008
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Directed by: Reshef Levi
Cast: Oshri Cohen, Pini Tavger, Yuval Scharf, Michael Moshonov, Neta Garti, Orly Silbersatz Banai, Shmil Ben Ari, Ofer Shechter
Production:Mosh Danon, David Silber, Leon Edery, Moshe Edery
Production Company:United King Films
Photographer: Ofer Harari
Original Music: Assaf Amdursky
Language: Hebrew
Subtitles: English, Hebrew

Director Reshef Levi’s film which got its name from a 1980s Aussie adventure series that used to air on Israel’s then-one and only channel (public broadcaster, Channel 1), is a coming-of-age dramedy set in 1980 Kfar Saba [a city in the centre of Israel – EE]. At the heart of the film is a large family living in a state of idyllic indifference. However, their otherwise blasé domestic existence is upended when two of the siblings, twins Erez and Opher (Michael Moshonov and Oshri Cohen), both fall for the same girl – this, after their father has had a life-changing car accident that has left him in wheelchair. Erez, riddled with guilt over his part in the accident, starts to withdraw from the rest of the family and enlists in the IDF unit which his brother, Opher who is now at home caring for their father, had always dreamt of serving in.
Lost Islands earned four Ophir awards for Best Lead Actor (Michael Moshonov), Best Supporting Actor (Shmil Ben Ari), Best Soundtrack (Assaf Amdursky), and Best Costume Design (Rona Doron). In line with other Israeli noughties family dramas such as Broken Wings (Nir Bergman, 2002) and Campfire (Joseph Cedar, 2004), Levi’s film also employs the stranded car trope, i.e. the broken down vehicle as a metaphor for the family that is stuck in the same spot, unable to break loose of trauma’s grip on them and move on.

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