Inside the archive’s treasure troves – a history restored and retold: Yarkon Bathers

1 Minute, 2018
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Language: Hebrew
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As part of the Israel Film Archives’ special Treasure Troves project, filmmakers Corrine Kitzis and Dalia Castel chose a fleeting and seemingly inconsequential moment from the Moledet Newsreels, shot in the 1920s. In this short film, titled Yarkon Bathers, a family is seen having a leisurely swim in Tel Aviv’s Yarkon River – granted, not a moment of seismic historic significance. And yet, capturing people mid-swim and “freezing them in time”, if you will, for the next century, offers the viewers a precious glimpse of a world that is part of our ever-weaving narrative. The clip also features animated sequences, edited in by Kitzis and Castel.
Original archival footage: The Moledet Reels

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