Legends of the Lost Tribes, Episode 6

25 Minutes, 1996
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Directed by: Aran Patinkin
Production Company:Neot Semadar Communications Ltd.
Photographer: Dan Avnun
Language: Hebrew
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A 13-episode documentary series created by director and filmmaker, Aran Patinkin, which traces the legend of the lost tribes who, according to ancient scriptures were banished from the Kingdom of Israel after it fell to the Assyrians in the 8th century BCE. On this journey, in which Patinkin sets out to uncover what became of them, every episode shines a line on select individuals, traditions, beliefs, and cultures which, in some form or another, all lead back to one of the lost tribes.
Episode 6 of the series introduces India’s Beit Yaakov community. Legend has it that some members of the ten banished tribes who had been expelled from Israel, found a new home for themselves in India’s Kashmir Valley where they kept practising their Jewish faith and customs, that is until they were forced to convert to Islam. Members of the community – all of whom reside in a small village north of Madras, believe that they are descendants of the Ephraim tribe. In a small shack that functions as the local synagogue, they all congregate to pray and study the scriptures, despite the harsh conditions, discrimination, sense of exclusion, and abject poverty.

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