Stefan Braun

62 Minutes, 2007
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Directed by: Itamar Alcalay
Production:Amir Harel, Ayelet Kait
Production Company:Lama Productions, Tel Aviv
Photographer: Itay Neeman
Original Music: Ronit Rolland
Language: Hebrew
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The story of successful Tel Avivian furrier, Stefan Braun, stands out as an extraordinary, surprising tale in the landscape of film narratives from the State of Israel’s earliest days: a professional who makes furs for a living in the scorching Levantine heat, whose clientele comprises affluent, high-society Jews of European descent who regularly frequent his shop, the posh stylings and aesthetic of it all – and of course, Braun’s sexuality in a time when homosexuality was a criminal offence.
Itamar Alcalay’s film is an intimate portrait of Braun, providing insight into his 40-year complex relationship with partner and lover, Eliezer Rath, who was also his assistant and butler and who, following Braun’s death, found himself caught up in legal battles with Braun’s next of kin over the latter’s estate. The film is teeming with rare archival footage, still images, and interviews with acquaintances, colleagues, and all the who’s who of Israel’s 1950s and ‘60s’ high society. Stefan Braun won the best On Air Cinematography Award at the Jerusalem Film Festival, and the Best Debut Film Award from the Israeli Documentary Filmmakers’ Forum.

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