Legends of the Lost Tribes (#1)

25 Minutes and 52 seconds , 1996
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Directed by: Aran Patinkin
Production: Neot Semadar Communications Ltd.

which traces the legend of the lost tribes who, according to ancient scriptures were banished from the Kingdom of Israel after it fell to the Assyrians in the 8th century BCE. On this journey, in which Patinkin sets out to uncover what became of them, every episode shines a line on select individuals, traditions, beliefs, and cultures which, in some form or another, all lead back to one of the lost tribes.
In the series premiere, Patinkin delves into the Samarian community whose members consider themselves descendants of the ancient Kingdom of Israel. The episode explores the small community which, at the time of filming, comprised of just 600 individuals – half of whom live in the Greater Tel Aviv suburb of Holon and the other half, in Nablus. Through a series of interviews with members of the Samarian faith, and featuring their sacrificial rite practices, Patinkin paints an intimate portrait of this scarcely known community.

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