Micha Shagrir Film Collection

Moments 2004 – The Face of a Nation

52 Minutes, 2004
Experimental Film
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Directed by: Various Directors
Production:Micha Shagrir
Production Company:Tapuz Communications Ltd.
Language: Hebrew
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“Moments, Israel 2004: The Face of the Nation” is a continuation of the “Moments, Israel 2002” and “I Have a Dream, 2003” projects. 14 Israeli Filmmakers present 14 different faces of Israel, as they are reflected in each filmmaker’s lens. All the 3 minutes movies create together a mirror in every cinematic genre possible, from documentary and drama to satire and animation. In “Moments, Israel 2004” the filmmakers invite the viewer to look through them. Each of the films is an x-ray, on the sensory and experiential level. Each offers its own view, with its own universal or personal aspects, and tries to connect through them to the faces of the past, the present and the future. The series of films tries to define the non-geographic contours of the nation as they are expressed in its self-portrait. The variety of faces is as vast as the number of their makers, from downcast faces to an optimistic regard, from pain to a smile. These are all the faces of the nation, Israel 2004.

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