Message From the Future

84 Minutes, 1981
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Directed by: David Avidan
Cast: David Avidan, Joseph Bee, Avi Yakir, Irit Meiri
Production:Yaakov Kotzki
Production Company:Thirtieth Century Films
Photographer: Amnon Salomon
Language: English
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1985 – the near future. With the Cold War reaching fever pitch, the small State of Israel decides to ‘push the button’ and set off a nuclear weapon, with the aim of making the world realise the full extent of the danger threatening the whole of humanity and calling on the world’s Great Powers to announce a global peace conference. At that exact moment, a time traveller from the distant future – the fourth millennium, to be precise – arrives in the 1980s where he attempts to persuade the world’s then-present-day denizens that they would actually be better off fast-tracking World War III; it’s the only way, he explains, to contain and limit its otherwise far-reaching consequences. The time-traveller who no longer even requires speech to relay his messages, is met with opposition from Israeli scientist, Dr. Dan Ziv, who – when he’s not busy advising world leaders, has his hands full with his mistress. David Avidan’s A Message from the Future is one of a handful of attempts to date at making an Israeli Sci-Fi film. However, despite some otherwise lovely ideas, the overall look and feel and cinematography leave something to be desired, whilst the plot itself is flimsy and the characters, one-dimensional at best. Ultimately, the result fails to live up to the film’s potential, rendering it no more than a quirky, offbeat anecdote in the end.

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