Carmel Newsreel II-241, November 1957

Archaeological Excavations at Tel Hazor

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The third season of archeological excavations at Tel Hatzor ended. The excavations were led by former Chief of Staff Dr. Yigal Yadin and were initiated by the Hebrew University and the Rothschild Foundation. Dozens of workers are digging above and below the ground, clearing dirt and stones and uncovering walls, ancient buildings and caves. The excavations expanded during the current season, revealing buildings of the Canaanite period. The researchers also continued to reveal findings from the Israeli era of Hatzor. The workers work in the area of the Canaanite Temple, where various worship vessels were discovered. One of the archaeologists photographs the findings. Yigal Yadin addressing the audience and points out that the current excavation season was particularly fruitful, even in relation to previous seasons. Yadin notes some of the new finds including King Solomons Gate, King Ahabs walls, Patriarchal age Caves, and the Canaanite Temple.
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