Life According to Eve

1 hour and 13 Minutes and 59 seconds , 2001
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Directed by: Amir Har-gil
Production: Provid Film Producers Ltd.

Eve, 17, comes from an impoverished, South Tel Aviv working-class neighbourhood. Her father walked on out on the family when she was still a baby and ever since, her mother has had to raise her and her two siblings all on her own. The family’s financial reality is beyond harsh: the mother works gruelling hours at several job, every day. Eve tries to pitch in whichever way she can; from taking on a number of jobs herself, to keeping their entire household up and running. At the same time, she also attends a posh city school as part of an integrative, educational scheme, where she is confronted daily with the socio-economic chasm that lies between her classmates and herself.

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