Carmel Newsreel II-204, June 16, 1956

The National March of the Youth Battalions

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The National March of the Youth Battalions. Groups of soldiers from the youth battalions and the various IDF forces, as well as individual athletes, participate in the 100-mile race. A group of soldiers from the Nahal unit lead the competition at the end of the first day. The marchers arrive in Raanana and are encouraged by the citys residents. A group of paratroopers tries to increase the pace of walking in order to circumvent the Nahal soldiers. A group of female soldiers completes a relatively short 30-kilometer course, they sing together on their way to the endpoint. The Nahal unit marchers are the first group to reach the finish point, some of the soldiers in the group are completely exhausted and supported by the other soldiers. Lone marchers reach the final point and pass the judges examination. One of the marchers who finished the long runway sits down on a dirt road and takes off his shoes. Haim Hatuel, who came first to the finish line, wins a flight ticket to the Netherlands. After the competition ended, a parade is held with the participation of all marchers, soldiers and civilians. Chief of Staff Moshe Dayan and Youth Battalions Commander Colonel Ram Ron arrive at the ceremony. Dayan congratulates the marchers for their energy and athletic ability and hands a trophy to the winning Nahal unit.
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