Monologue of a Young Woman

59 Minutes and 14 seconds , 1981
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Directed by: Lihi Hanoch
Production: Israeli Film Service
Cast: Talia Shapira, Maya Hanoch, Orna Lavi, Lihi Hanoch, Rivka Merhav, Margalit Almog
The film, by director Lihi Hanoch, follows the story of Alona (Talia Shapira) – a creative drama teacher and divorcée who is raising her daughter on her own in 1980s Tel Aviv. Through Alona’s interactions with her mother, and the men and women partaking in the workshops that she teaches, viewers experience Alona’s reality as a single parent raising a daughter by herself versus her own individual desires and dreams of self-fulfilment, and of captaining her own ship through life.

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