Nuzhat al Fuad

1 hour and 53 Minutes and 30 seconds , 2006
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Directed by: Yehuda (Judd) Neeman
Production: Judd Ne'eman Films
Cast: Mohammad Bakri, Yael Hadar, Efrat Gosh, Oded Leopold, Meirav Gruber
Odelia is a screenwriter caught in a demanding and complex relationship with her father, a renowned author. Her writing woes are making it all the more difficult for her to bridge between her creative fervour and pits of despair, whilst her frustration threatens to consume her burgeoning relationship. Tamara, an actress starring in a telenovela Odelia has written for, is at the peak of her television and theatre success when she is diagnosed with cancer. Both women are flung into an emotional tailspin that very nearly costs them their sanity. Two young women looking to make their mark, each in her own way, in a fight for control of their destiny. Who is the narrator and who creates the events that transpire? Entwined in each other’s arms in a vice, they choreograph a surprising, inconceivable dance between fate and free will. Tales borrowed from Oriental folklore and Arabian Nights mysticism add an additional mystifying ingredient to the illusion being concocted. Director Judd Ne'eman's first film after a 17-year hiatus, brings with it a challenging viewing experience, as is Ne'eman's practice. Just as Ne’eman, at the time, made his radical voice heard when he took on the sacrosanct nationalist Israeli ethos, here too he brings his own fresh commentary on postmodern language and the flux between fact and fiction; a narrative delivered to the audience via multiple narrators, defying conventions and ultimately leaving viewers with a new and fascinating piece of film art.

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