Blood Guilt

82 Minutes, 1993
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Directed by: Yaki Yosha
Production:Dorit Yosha
Production Company:Yaky Yosha Ltd.
Photographer: Amnon Salomon
Original Music: Richard Berger
Language: English
| Subtitles not available

Rachel and Jake’s marriage fell apart after Jake had had an affair with her sister Leah and later, also went on to marry her. Rachel has a full nervous breakdown – she miscarries the baby she’s pregnant with and ends up sectioned in a psychiatric ward. Meanwhile, Jake and Leah, now a fully-fledged couple, move to mountainside cabin. One night, Rachel shows up at their doorstep. They invite her in and for a while, it seems that the trio may be able to forgive, atone, and heal from their past wounds after all. Whilst Rachel is on the mend, Jake finds himself increasingly attracted to her; feelings which she in turn, reciprocates. Leah meanwhile is plagued with seething jealously and fear. A cinematic love triangle inspired by the biblical tale of Jacob, Rachel and Leah.

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