Close to Home

1 hour and 38 Minutes and 16 seconds , 2005
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Directed by: Dalia Hagar, Vidi Bilu
Production: TransFax Film Productions
Cast: Naama Schendar, Smadar Sayar, Irit Suki, Danny Geva, Katia Zimbris

Smadar, a rebellious extrovert cannot stand the likes of Mirit. The latter, meanwhile, a terrified introvert, steers well clear of girls like Smadar. Much to their mutual dismay, the two girls are paired up to go on regular patrol duties in Jerusalem, as part of their military service. Their job is to detain Palestinian passersby, ask to see their ID and take down their details on special forms. It is the story of two18-year-olds, each caught up in her own world, both of whom are trying to ignore the city’s political reality as it gradually starts to impact their lives.

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