Mili Avital is a film and television actress. Avital started acting in her teens and at the age of 19, she was cast in Jacob (Yankul) Goldwasser’s Over the Ocean (1991) – a part that landed her an Ophir Award nomination for Best Supporting Actress. In 1993, she starred in Nadav Levitan’s Groupie; a film that gave Avital her second Ophir nomination. That same year, Avital relocated to the US where she began appearing in a string of Hollywood films, whilst sharing her time between US and Israeli productions. Highlights of her film credits include Stargate (Ronald Emmerich, 1994), Dead Man (Jim Jarmusch, 1995), Minotaur (Jonathan Tammuz, 1997), Kissing a Fool (Doug Ellin, 1998), Colombian Love (Shay Kanot, 2004), and Noodle (Ayelet Menahemi, 2007). Avital’s TV credits include Israeli dramas Shabatot VeHagim (‘weekends and holidays’), Prisoners of War, Landing on their Feet, and many more.
Avital is married to Oscar-winning screenwriter, Charles Randolph.



Directed by Ayelet Menahemi, 2007

100 min.


Columbian Love

Directed by Reshef Levi, Shay Kanot, 2004
אהבה קולומביאנית
Rental English subs.

99 min.

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