Dalik Wollinitz is an actor, director, radio presenter, and television host. Wollinitz studied at Tel Aviv University’s Department of Theatre Arts and was a cast member on the first season of iconic Israeli comedy sketch show, Zehu Zeh! Between 1981-1988, Wollinitz hosted Shminiyot Ba’avir (‘gymnastics in mid-air’), a weekly teen programme on Channel 1, with Tulip the dog, as his trusted co-host. In theatre, Wollinitz appeared in scores of Beit Lessin and Haifa Theatre stage productions. In the early days of his theatre career, whilst with the Haifa Theatre, Wollinitz was a member of a company led by Nola Chilton who founded a social theatre in the northern city of Kiryat Shmona. Other members of that company included fellow actors Shlomo Bar-Aba, Moni Moshonov, Sandra Sade, Arnon Zadok, and others. Highlights of his acting credits include: Paratroopers (Judd Ne’eman, 1977), 5 and 5 (Shmuel Imberman, 1980), Stigma (Uri Barabash, 1982), Forced Testimony (Raphael Rebibo, 1984), and Sunstroke (Yaki Yosha, 1984). Wollinitz has also starred in TV series Danny Hollywood and Prisoners of War, and in Ram Loevy’s 1978 TV drama, Khirbet Hiza’a.


Summertime Blues

Directed by Yaki Yosha, 1984
מכת שמש

85 min.


Forced Witness

Directed by Raphael Rebibo, 1984
עדות מאונס

105 min.



Directed by Yehuda (Judd) Neeman, 1977
מסע אלונקות
Rental English subs.

88 min.

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