Alex Peleg is an Israeli stage, film, and television actor. Peleg, who had moved to Israel from Romania is a graduate of Habima Theatre’s Drama Studio. He has appeared on virtually every repertoire theatre stage in Israel; however, he is most commonly associated with Israel’s Habima National Theatre and has been part of its permanent actors’ company since 1963.
Highlights of his stage credits include: Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?, Othello, Tango, The Seagull, Le Père (‘The Father’), The Physicists, Ghosts, and All my Sons.
Highlights of his TV credits include: Our Song, War Room, Ha-E (‘The Island’), Prisoners of War, The Office, Temporarily Dead, and US miniseries, Masada.
Highlights of his film credits include: A Night in Tiberias (Hervé Bromberger, 1965), Is Tel Aviv Burning? (Kobi Jaeger, 1967), A Thin Line (Michal Bat-Adam, 1980), An Intimate Story (Nadav Levitan, 1981), Under the Domim Tree (Eli Cohen, 1994), The Return from India (Menahem Golan, 2002), The Debt (Assaf Bernstein, 2007), Hunting Elephants (Reshef Levi, 2013), Youth (Tom Shoval, 2013), and A Tale of Love and Darkness (Natalie Portman, 2015).


On a Thin Line

Directed by Michal Bat-Adam, 1980
על חבל דק
Rental English subs.

84 min.


A Night in Tiberias

Directed by Herve Bromberger, 1965
פיצוץ בחצות

80 min.


The Pillar of Fire

Directed by Larry Frisch, 1959
עמוד האש

74 min.

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