Riki Shelach (Nissimoff) is a Bulgarian-born producer and director who moved to Israel at the age of four. Later in life, he studied Sociology and Political Science at Tel Aviv University before heading to New York to pursue film directing and production studies. On his return to Israel, Shelach found work in the local film industry as an assistant director whilst also taking on a host of other film-related jobs. In 1990, he became a founding member of the Israeli Film Academy which he was Chairman of until 1993. Highlights of his directorial credits include: Permission to Land (1977, 18min), Last Winter (1984), Mercenary Fighters (1986), Body in the Sand (1999), and Tubianski (2015). Highlights of his producer credits include: Time for Cherries (Haim Bouzaglo, 1991), Actors (Ron Ninio, 1995), Jewish Vendetta (Aleksandr Shabatayev, 1997), A Trumpet in the Wadi (Lena and Slava Chaplin, 2001), and Obsession (Nissim Notrika, 2011).


Silence of the Sirens

Directed by Ori Inbar, 2003
שתיקת הצופרים
English subs.

70 min.


Jewish Vendetta

Directed by Aleksandr Shabatayev, 1997
נקמה יהודית

76 min.


Time For Cherries

Directed by Haim Bouzaglo, 1991
עונת הדובדבנים

102 min.

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