Hanan Savyon
Hanan Savyon is an actor, screenwriter, and director. Savyon trained as an actor at the Nissan Nativ Acting Studio. It was there that he met his friend and creative collaborator, Guy Amir. In 2003, he and Amir began co-hosting Israeli public broadcaster, Channel One’s children’s programme, Zap LaRishon (‘zap to the first’). Then, in 2004 the pair co-created the children’s programme, Balagan (‘mess’) (2004-2007). In 2006, Amir and Savyon co-created the telenovela, Bubot (‘dolls’). Then, in 2010 the duo created, wrote, and starred in the leading roles in both seasons of the smash hit TV drama, Asfur.
Before shooting to fame, thanks to his successful collaborations with Amir, Savyon had a string of TV and film roles including his own regular segment in the late-night show, Where to Tonight, Yankele? (‘halyala lean Yankele?’), Eytan Fox’s 2002 hit film, Yossi &Jagger where he played Adams, and the children’s TV drama, Big Head (‘rosh gadol’). Savyon also appeared in the TV series Eilat, The Dream Whisperer (‘baalat hachaolomot’) and Embezzlement (‘me’ila’.)
In 2013, Savyon and Amir created the programme, Scarred, that came back for a second series in 2016. Then, in 2017 the pair co-created the comedy, Chateaux Ein Karem. Savyon and Amir also wrote and starred in the film Maktub (Oded Raz, 2017) which was a box office smash hit, drawing in more than half a million viewers. Maktub also took home several awards at the Monte Carlo and Palm Springs film festivals. In 2019, the pair wrote, directed, starred in the film Forgiveness that became their latest box office triumph. Most recently in 2021, the two starred in Lior Ashkenazi’s film, Forgiveness.

Narrative Short

Dark Night

Directed by Leonid Prudovsky, 2005
לילה אפל
English subs.

31 min.

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