WIZO’s Historical Film Collection

WIZO – A Life Cycle of Service

34 Minutes, 1985

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Directed by: Dan Setton
Cast: Unknown
Production:Micha Shagrir
Production Company:Kastel Communications Ltd.
Photographer: Yoram Milo, Yossi Bar Nachum
Original Music: Ilan Harel
Language: English
Subtitles: English, Hebrew

The promotional film WIZO – “A Circle of Life in Service”, from 1985, was produced by Micha Shagrir and directed by Danny Seatton. The film reviews a selection of 670 social projects managed by the organization, such as homes for infants and homes for the elderly. “Ahuzat Yeladim”, a boarding school in Haifa, was established in 1934 with the support of the Australian Federation of WIZO and continues to operate to this day. The institution received children from the Youth Aliyah movement, child Holocaust survivors, and children of immigrants during the mass immigration, and became a second home for youth who did not adapt to life within the family. Staffed with trained teams of volunteers, Ahuzat Yeladim provided emotional support and vocational and educational systems. In addition to boarding school education, WIZO operated daycare centers for adolescents, like the one in Beit Hakerem in Jerusalem, which provided vocational training for girls and emphasized values of gender equality. WIZO also ran youth clubs and vocational schools in the afternoons, which enabled parents to work. The [Theodor] Heuss House in Herzliya aimed to support mothers’ welfare. The organization also constructed a home for the elderly and the WIZO Center in Tel Aviv offered legal advice and hosted cultural events for women of all religions.

In a fascinating interview, Raya Jaglom describes her vision during her years as president of WIZO Global. The film was aired at the nineteenth WIZO conference, held in 1986 at the Hilton Hotel in Tel Aviv, in the presence of hundreds of WIZO Federation representatives from around the world. Guests of honor at the conference were President Haim Herzog; Tel Aviv Mayor Shlomo Lahat; Arie Dolchin, head of the Jewish Agency; and Raya Jaglom, president of WIZO Global. In addition, Michal Modai, chair of WIZO Global, addressed conference participants for the first time. Modai continued to serve the organization until the early 2000s.

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