In the Way of Prayer - Ancient Synagogues in Israel

The Temple as an Inspiration for Synagogues

2 Minutes, 1975
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Production:David Schitz, Igal Efrati
Photographer: Hanania Baer
Original Music: Gideon Shemer
Languages: English, Hebrew
Subtitles: English, Hebrew

An excerpt from the film “In the Way of Prayer – The Ancient Synagogues in Israel”, which was produced by the Israeli Film Service, tells through pictorial images the establishment of the Temple and the inspiration it provided for the creation of spiritual centers for the Jewish community in Israel. The announcer, Gideon Shemer, recounts how upon receiving the Torah, Moses engraved the shape of the Tabernacle which will accompany the Jewish people for generations. After King David established his kingdom he commanded his son, Solomon, to build the Temple as a permanent home for prayer and Jewish worship on a high place containing a spring and rock that are a sign of a holy place. In the ruins of Masada from the Second Temple period, there is a place that indicates that scribes copied the Torah and thus helped establish a center of spiritual culture that serves as a substitute for the Temple for Jewish communities living far from Jerusalem, which is the synagogue.
(Directed and written by: Arieh Mambush, Nina Mayo, Cinematography: Hanania Bar, Production: Yigal Efrati, David Schitz, Narration: Gideon Shemer, Consulting: Dr. Zeev Yavin)

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