The Israel Film Service Collection

This Week 25 Years Ago, Episode 5

12 Minutes, 1972
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Directed by: Avi Cohen
Cast: Unknown
Production:David Goldstein
Production Company:Israeli Film Service
Photographer: Zecharia Raz, Hanania Baer
Original Music: Unknown
Narrator: Ram Evron
Language: Hebrew
Subtitles: English, Hebrew

A 35 episode documentary TV series created by the Israeli Film Service.
The script follows a week by week account of events in the 1948 war, starting with the 1947 UN resolution on the Partition Plan for Palestine and concluding with Israel’s first Defense Forces Parade, on July 27, 1948.

Arab snipers constantly fire on Jewish neighborhoods and the Irgun’s punitive operations intensify during the fifth week, with many casualties, including British officers. The brutal massacre of Jewish workers in the oil refineries in Haifa Bay by their Arab colleagues claims 40 victims. The massacre results in a severe retaliatory action during which the Haganah attacks the perpetrators homes, an action that claims 60 lives. The Arab siege on the Jewish Quarter in Jerusalem begins on the first day of 1948, and near the shores of Nahariya, the Haganah welcomes the illegal immigrant ship HaUmot HaMeuchadot (“United Nations,” formerly the Archimede). At the same time, two immigrant ships carrying 15,000 Jewish refugees are on their way from Europe: the Aztma’ut ( Pan Crescent ) and the Kibbutz Galuyot ( Pan York ). The Royal Navy patrol exposes both ships, blocks their way, and transfers their passengers to the detention camps in Cyprus. “The Pans Affair” is known to be the largest operation conducted within the framework of the illegal immigration organized by “The Haganah Mossad for Aliya Bet” between 1934 and 1948.

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