Herodion: The Mystery of Herod's Tomb

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Southeast of Bethlehem, the hill of Herodion rises from the landscape, bearing the remains of one of Herod’s castles. In the writing of Josephus, this is named as the site of Herod’s final resting place. The film discusses the king as an historical figure and traces his final days. It then shifts its focus to Archeological research at Herodion and particularly to the search for the tomb. Archeologist Ehud Netzer, who interviewes here and who consulted the production, would only find the tomb in the late aughts, and would be killed soon thereafter in a tragic accident on Herodion. Archeologist Meir Ben Dov describes Herod’s part in the design of Jerusalem’s Temple Mount. The King’s other achievments, in Caesarea, Masada and Alexandrion, also recieve the limelight.

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