Histadrut and Labour Movement Movies Collection

Fresh Water

13 Minutes, 1957
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Cast: Yair Pradelski
Photographer: Michael Heller
Narrator: Ruth Shapira
Language: Hebrew
Subtitles: English, Hebrew

A documentary produced by Histadrut about Israel’s water shortage and the efforts to solve it.
Uri, a young boy from the moshav of Ksalon, still has to draw water from a cistern to satisfy his family’s needs. Uri eagerly follows works carried out by the water company Mekorot, as it lays a water pipeline to Jerusalem and its surroundings. However, elsewhere in the country the water crisis is even worse. To guarantee steady water supply to all Israeli towns and settlements, Mekorot digs the Eilabun Tunnel (a part of the National Water Carrier) and lays the Yarkon-Negev Pipeline.

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