Geva Newsreel 270, 1962

Yossele Schumachers Uncle is Extradited to Israel

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Directed by: Unknown
Subtitles: English, Hebrew

Shalom Shtrakes, the uncle of Yossele Schumacher, lands at Lod Airport after being extradited to Israel from Britain. Shalom Shtrakes, the uncle of the boy Yossele Schuchmacher, is accused of the kidnapping of Yossele Shukhmer from his parents, at the will of the childs grandfather, in a high profile case in Israel in the 1960s. The childs parents asked his ultra-Orthodox grandfather Nachman Shtrakes for temporary custody of the boy, and after they sought to collect the boy, the grandfather refused to return their son due to their secular lifestyle contrary to his religious beliefs. The grandfather asked his son, Shalom, to mediate the abduction and smuggling of the child abroad. At the end of the affair, Shalom Shtrakes, Yosseles uncle, is extradited to Israel, and later sentenced to three years in prison, of which he serves six months.


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