1 hour and 56 Minutes and 42 seconds , 2009
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Directed by: Dover Kosashvili
Production: TransFax Film Productions
Cast: Oz Zehavi, Assaf Ben Shimon, Michael Aloni , Liel Danir, Gay Adler

Director, Dover Koshashvili’s (LATE MARRIAGE) third feature film is an adaptation of Yehoshua Kenaz’s novel of the same title. Set in the 1950s, the film follows a non-combat army unit during their three months of basic training: from the sweltering summer days, throughout the Jewish holiday season, and all the way to winter. All members of the unit are either living with some form of impairment, a physical or mental disability, or are simply out-of-shape. Staple concepts such as the “melting pot”, “camaraderie”, and “all for one and one for all” are hollowed of any meaning in this context. This is a place where one only fights for one’s own survival and where status, identity and independence wars are waged, daily.

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