Histadrut and Labour Movement Movies Collection

A Man Shall Cleave Unto His Brother

14 Minutes, 1950
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Directed by: Natan Gross
Production Company:Berkey-Pathe Humphries Ltd., The Histadrut Organization
Photographer: Anthony Heller
Language: Hebrew
Subtitles: English, Hebrew

A film produced by Histadrut to promote the melting pot policyDuring Israels early years, a tall wall of alienation stands between Jews of different descents When the employment bureau allocates jobs to laborers, the Yekke Hans Stein finds himself working side by side with laborers from Morrocco, Yemen, and Iraq at Carmel Mizrahi Winery Due to language, age, and ability differences, Hans finds himself cast out and hated at his workplace But when he gets injured, and the manager wants to fire him, the laborers overcome the differences between them and side with Hans

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