The Nathan Axelrod Newsreel Collection

Moledet [156]: Children in orchard

10 Minutes, Unknown date
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Directed by: Nathan Axelrod
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Part of the Moledet Newsreel collection, directed by Natan Axelrod, the film highlights the story of Pardes Gan Rashel, a venture founded by Dr. M. Rozov of Yakhin Ltd. This documentary takes viewers on a journey through the intricate process of fruit cultivation. Starting with soil preparation, tree planting, orchard protection, fruit harvesting, packaging, and final delivery to customers, every stage is meticulously captured through a captivating collection of photographs. Audiences witness the arduous and painstaking journey from seed to finished product, including scenes of plowing, planting, irrigation, cypress tree planting for orchard protection, harvesting, transportation to the packing house, sorting, packaging, and sealing of delivery boxes. The film reaches a heartwarming climax as families enjoy the fruits of their labor. Accompanied by insightful titles and biblical quotes on agriculture, the documentary effectively communicates the profound connection between the Jewish people and their agricultural heritage


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