Springtime in Palestine

A Film Advertising the Development of the Land of Israel by Zionism

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Directed by: Joseph Gal Ezer
Photographer: Yaackov Ben Dov
Original Music: Max Lampel
Language: Silent
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A propaganda film that markets the Zionist activity and development of Mandatory Palestine. The film tells the story of the flowering of the wilderness and the development of industry in the area by the Jewish settlers. The wilderness is represented by the burial caves at Yad Avshalom and the Judean Desert, while the development is represented by vine-growers, building houses using heavy machinery, and the large mill factory of Eretz Israel, which was established by Baron Edmond de Rothschild in Haifa. Unlike the Arab woman who is seen sitting on the floor and spinning, a modern machine-based spinning mill is presented as an example of Zionist industrial success.

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