Histadrut and Labour Movement Movies Collection

We Came to Israel

8 Minutes, 1973
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Production Company:The Histadrut Organization
Language: Hebrew
Subtitles: English, Hebrew

A short animated film produced by Histadrut, which displays the history of the Jewish laborers in Israel.
The Jewish laborer in the Land of Israel, the protagonist of this short film, changes colors, shapes, and sizes: sometimes he sows seeds, and sometimes he “sows” houses; sometimes he wears a tembel hat, and sometimes a beret; and if needed, he will even become an immigrant ship. The animation created by Yitzhak and Avigail Yoresh illustrates the many faces the Jewish labouring community changed between the First Aliyah and the end of the War of Independence.

ביקורת של נתן גרוס, על המשמר, 09/03/1973

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