Carmel Newsreel II-259, July 27, 1958

The President of Israel Returns from a Trip Abroad

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Onlookers are crowded in a balcony. Various people at the Lod Airport, including Knesset speaker Yoseph Shprinzak. President Yitzhak Ben-Zvi and Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion are walking with an entourage by lines of soldiers standing at attention. The group stands by an airplane. The audience is applauding them. The president and his wife Yanait Ben-Zvi are standing by the airplane and speaking to those beside them. Ben-Gurion is shaking the hand of Mrs. Ben-Zvi. An airplane is flying in the sky, soldiers are watching it and the audience is waving goodbye. Soldiers are marching with flags and aligning in a military march. Various people, including Shprinzak and Ben-Gurion, are standing at the airport and conversing. The Ben-Zvi couple is standing, and then shaking the hands of the flights captains outside the airplane. Ben-Gurion, Ben-Zvi, and Shprinzak are standing together as army officer salutes at their side. A military orchestra is marching and playing. The airplane is at flight and the audience is applauding.

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