Carmel Newsreel II-233, July 25, 1957

Impressions From the religious school in Kfar Batya

4 Minutes, 1957
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Directed by: Nathan Axelrod
Subtitles not available

A religious school in Kfar Batya has a synagogue with a high arched and impressive structure where boys pray. One of the boys goes up to the central position and sings. In the dining room, boys and girls are sitting around the square tables, next to which are the kitchen staff. A couple of boys walk on a lawn alongside part of the white, new and bright school building. In the basketball court, children run and play with ball while in the farm a row of ducks marching from left to right on the background a bunch of boys dressed in jerseys and hats working around many wooden crates. Adult students marching in a well-groomed garden toward the beit midrash. the older and younger students, dressed in festive clothing and standing in front of one another in the hall talking and arguing, besides The Torah classes they have chemistry classes where students working in laboratory or studying in a lesson that is held outside the classroom on agriculture field by an adult teacher. The students look at him with great attention and then work between the vine vineyards.


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