Carmel Newsreel II-048 June 24, 1950

Celebration of Nahariyas 15th Anniversary

2 Minutes, 1950
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Directed by: Nathan Axelrod
Subtitles not available

Nahariya celebrates 15 years since its foundation. A general view of the city. Nahariyas city streets, tree avenues, bicycle riders as they pass by. The beach with various adults and children vacationing by the water. Two people on a surfing board. Celebration ceremonies honoring the citys 15th anniversary. A train arrives adorned with flowers and flags, with a sign reading Nahariyas time has come. A crowd of children cheers for the train and a man speaks to the audience from the train. A little girl presents the train conductor with flowers. A large procession in one of the citys avenues. Multiple bicycle riders are followed by a truck with a brass orchestra. Medical team members on bicycles representing the Nahariya Hospital. A truck representing the milk industry. A truck with children representing the shoemaker profession. A truck with proposed beach-vacationers, followed by small tractors representing the various local industry fields.


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