Carmel Newsreel II-039 February 4, 1950

Tu Bishvat, New Year of the Trees, and the Afforestation of the Land of Israel

8 Minutes, 1950
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Directed by: Nathan Axelrod
Subtitles not available

A news log devoted entirely to the Tu Bishvat holiday and the afforestation of the Land of Israel. The process of preparing seedlings for planting is presented in great details, rows of seedlings at a nursery, documentation of the transitions from time of seeding to the emergence of seedlings. Workers arrange the new seedlings and carry them on a stretcher. Men and women are working on a hill, pruning trees, cutting off branches and removing them. A military ceremony on a hill decorated with Israeli flags, followed by the planting of seedlings on the same hill. A number of signs of new forests planted by the Jewish National Fund. Moments from the forest life, a man leading a donkey through the forest; a valley is seen behind trees on a hillside; children run through the forest, gathering mushrooms in buckets, carrying them along the path; a little girl hugs a tree, smiling and sticking her tongue out; a car is driving on a path in the forest; a herd of sheeps passes through the forest. A man of Yemenite Jewish descent and a Hasidic Jew are planting side by side. A man distributing pine seedlings to workers. Other workers unload seedlings from a truck and dig holes in the ground.

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