Carmel Newsreel I-152, September 3, 1938

Foundation of Ein Hamifratz Settlement. Song of Aliyah to Ein Hamifratz, Music: Moshe Wilensky

8 Minutes, 1938
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Directed by: Nathan Axelrod
Subtitles not available

View of Kiryat Yam. The night before the settlement is built; trying a generator, loading shack frames, children loading various equipment – shovels hoes, watering cans, wheel-barrows, etc. The settlement site – swamps and barren land. A clock showing the time: 04:00. Ghaffirs (Jewish settlement police) and other guards set out in a tractor and on horseback in the dark. The Ghaffirs arrive at the site in armored cars and trucks. The Ghaffirs fall in, receive orders and spread out. A clock showing the time: 04:30. Volunteers set out in trucks, they are from Haifa port. The trucks cross Wadi Naaman and arrive at the settlement site. Volunteers (men and women) get out of the trucks and unload equipment and shack frames. Clearing the site with hoes. Beginning construction. A clock showing the time: 05:30. Laying pipes in Wadi Naaman, over which a bridge will be built. Building a shack and a barbed-wire fence. The tower is brought and raised. This is Homa And Migdal settelment. Habimah actor Aaron Meskin bangs a stake into the ground with mallet. The perimeter wall is filled with gravel. A tractor plowing. Avraham Herzfeld speaks with volunteers. Constructing a bridge on Wadi Naaman. A clock showing the time: 08:30. Completed shacks are taken across the bridge by tractor. Eating. The shacks arrive at the settlement site. Herzfeld speaks. Dancing the hora. Herzfeld dancing. A model of the camp and its defenses (Homa and Migdal).

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