Carmel Newsreel I-151, August 27, 1938

Preparing Papyrus Reeds for Mats in the Hula Valley

6 Minutes, 1938
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Directed by: Nathan Axelrod
Subtitles not available

The Hula swamps and vegetation. Bedouins. Water buffalo. Bedouin on bundles of cut reeds floating through the vegetation. A bundle of cut papyrus reeds. A sign in front of a tent: Malaria Research Station of the Hebrew University. Bedouins leaving the Malaria Research Station tent. Bedouins bringing children to the research station. Doctors examine the children. Taking a blood sample. Bedouins and bundles of cut reeds floating on the water. The Jordan River. The shallow river-bed causing the water to flood the area – creating the Hula lake. View of the Hula lake. Bedouins sitting under a tree with the Hula Valley and lake in the backdrop. A Bedouin village on the shore of the lake. The lake and mountains in the distance. Water buffalo. Bedouin children in the water with water buffalo. Papyrus reeds in the water. Cutting the reeds. Arranging the reeds in bundles. Trimming the bundles – preparing to float them to the village. Bedouins on floating bundles of reeds. A bundle of reeds and knife on top of the bundle. A man floating the reeds. A loom and men carrying bundles of reeds in the background. Separating the papyrus fibers. A woman weaving. The woman cuts the finished mat from the loom and brings it to her husband. Bedouin and a pile of mats in the center of the village.

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