Carmel Newsreel I-149, August 13, 1938

Development of Kibbutz Alonim

8 Minutes, 1938
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Directed by: Nathan Axelrod
Subtitles: English, Hebrew

A photograph of Alexander Zeid. Camp Givat Zeid and the camp from a distance. A clock showing the hour 04:30. A stable. Someone leading horses out of the stable. A yard filled with cows. A girl feeding a calf. Boys milking goats. A girl goes through the dining room into the kitchen. Feeding chickens. Milking goats. Letting the goats out to pasture. Returning from night-watch. Sounding a gong to call everyone to the dining hall. Someone waking up. Everyone leaving their tents, going to wash and entering the dining hall. Two girls talking, others reading. Riding to work on a wagon. Threshing grain with a donkey. Gathering the hay and making into bundles. Digging a trench for pipes. A smithy . Shoemaking. Returning from the field with a hay-laden wagon. Goats at pasture in the hills. A goatherd feeding a goat. Male goats fighting. A close-up of the goatherd. The goats scatter and the goatherd sends his dog to round up the herd. Returning from work in a wagon – some of the men are armed. Showering. Walking arm-in-arm through Zeid Woods. Visiting Zeids grave. Wreaths on the graves in the cemetery. A general view of Tivon – a few houses and shacks. Sitting together – playing various musical instruments. Sitting together at sunset. Receiving arms and going out on guard duty. The watch-tower. Ghaffirs (Jewish Settlement Police) taking up positions in the trenches around the ruins of Tabun. The surrounding hills through a slit in a trench, and the barrel of a gun. The watch-tower.

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