Moledet Newsreel [001]: Zina Dizengoff's Funeral

Tzina Dizengoffs Funeral Procession

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Directed by: Nathan Axelrod
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The funeral procession and burial of Tzina Dizengoff, Meir Dizengoffs wife, in Tel Aviv, Feb. 23, 1930. A crowd of mourners walks a street in Tel Aviv, among them, is the Jaffa governer, representatives of international governments, as well as Consuls of the Zionist Executive and the Jewish National Council. Some of the mourners wear uniforms with stars of David on them. A group of people carries Dizengoffs coffin, a big crowd is walking along Herzel Street. Members of the crowd are carrying wreaths and walk towards Moshav Zkenim Synagogue on Allenby Street for the El Malei Rachamim prayer. A large crowd that includes members of the Scouts Movement is seen along Allenby Street. In the municipal building on Bialik Street, the flags are lowered at half-mast, Mayor Israel Rokach stands and eulogizes the deceased Mrs. Dizengoff. Meir Dizengoff walks with the rest of the crowd towards the Trumpeldor Cemetery. The coffin of the deceased is brought to the cemetery. Meir Dizengoff and a group of associates are seen standing around the tomb. The tomb is being excavated. Wreaths are placed on the tomb.

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