Carmel Newsreel I-213, March 30, 1940

The Jewish Shepherfd. Music M. Wilensky. Lyric: Yaakov Rimon. Singing: Shelly Sharona

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Bible Verses from Genesis and Song of Songs referring to shepherds and their flocks and herds. Sunrise. Sheep in pens. The shepherds enter and milk the sheep. The shepherd opens the gate and the sheep leave. The sheep dog chases the sheep out of the pen. The shepherd followed by sheep. The dog gathers the wandering sheep according to shepherds instructions. Sheep going down to the water, drinking and resting. Dog resting. The shepherd eating and sharing his food with the dog. The shepherd playing the flute, surrounded by sheep. The shepherd approaches a sheep and helps it give birth. The lamb stands up immediately and nurses. The shepherd takes the lamb and brings it to the kibbutz and puts it in the nursery. Children watching, The guard opens the gate and the children run in to play with the lamb. Boy holding sheep. Sunset through the palm trees. View of Mt. Hermon. Flocks return home. Verses from Psalms. Map showing growth of sheep industry from 1920-1940.

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