Carmel Newsreel I-206, January 1940

Exemplary Vegetables Growing in Ramat Gan for Emergencies. Music: M. Wilenski

5 Minutes, 1940
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Directed by: Nathan Axelrod
Subtitles: English, Hebrew

Printing presses printing newspapers. Hebrew newspaper headlines urging civil cooperation in time of crisis. Davar, Haaretz, Haboker. Hebrew poster from the Ramat Gan municipality urging the growing of vegetables on open lots. Poster announcing a tour of gardens. Erecting barbed-wire fences around empty lots. Plowing, planting, working, The vegetable garden. People going out to work in the garden. Chopping down trees in deserted orchards. Plots of ripe vegetables, water sprinklers and ditch irrigation. Picking vegetables. Empty lots in Ramat Gan planted with vegetables. Group touring vegetable gardens. Avraham Krinitzi, Mayor of Ramat Gan, calling citizens to grow. Horse-drawn wagons laden with vegetables. Dining room for needy. Adults eating in a restaurant. Bringing cooked vegetables to children. Vegetable cooking lesson. Meals ready for children. School children getting their food and eating. Preparing seedlings. Men and women working in vegetable garden.

Persons in segment:

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