Carmel Newsreel II-210, September 7, 1956

Teenagers from Tel Aviv Participating in a Gadna Summer Camp

2 Minutes, 1956
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Directed by: Nathan Axelrod
Subtitles not available

The various summer camps of the youth battalions. About 100 teenagers arrive at a summer camp in the forest. The boys set up camp tents and the girls build and set wooden signs in the ground. The youth practice rope climbing, learn about Rope Knots and wooden structures and play frog jumping. The shooting competition of the youth battalions at the Gadna branch in Tel Aviv. The boys lie on the ground and shoot at the targets. The winning shooter Yehuda Abbes receives a trophy. Aviation course of the Youth Battalions. After three years of training, the trainees reached the flight stage. A guide leads the cadets between the planes on the ground while explaining the various parts of the plane. A training plane lands, one of the cadets runs toward the plane and climbs to the pilots post with the flight instructor behind him. The plane takes off to the sky.

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