The Israel Film Service Collection

Artist Conversation With Yaacov Dorchin

28 Minutes, 1996
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Directed by: Shahar Rozen
Production:Ita Gliksberg
Production Company:Israel Film Service
Photographer: Itay Neeman
Language: Hebrew
Subtitles: English, Hebrew

An episode from a series of interviews with artists, produced by the Israel Film Service in collaboration with the Israeli Council of Culture and Art.
The inspiration for many of sculptor Ya’acov Dorchin’s works actually stems from painting. The reason he sculpts instead of paints, according to him, is that he lacks the required patience for painting. Perhaps there’s another reason: in 1972, his studio burned down, and paintings he had worked on for two years were reduced to ashes. Since then, he admits, it has been difficult for him to paint. However, the delicacy required for painting accompanies him, he says, even when creating sculptures that weigh tons: “There are brushes that are simply brushes, and there are brushes that are cranes,” he states.
In an interview with Meni Pe’er, Dorchin talks about some of his works, such as the series “The Angel,” the series “Requiem,” and the series “Wells” – especially “Well and Four Dogs,” which, to his disapproval, was placed on Dizengoff street in Tel Aviv.

Persons in segment:

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